MESSENGER Data Release 16

The Planetary Data System is pleased to announce Release 16 of products created from data collected by the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) mission. This is the final release for the MESSENGER project.

New products:

Regional three-color mosaics of Caloris and B30 (MDIS)
High-resolution regional DEMs (MDIS)
Map browse (MDIS extras)
UVVS far-ultraviolet surface reflectance (MASCS)
Combined UVVS+VIRS spectra for the southern hemisphere (MASCS)
UVVS orbit-by-orbit summaries of exosphere observations (MASCS)
Animated visualizations of VIRS reflectance (MASCS extras)
Documentation for the VIRS flat-field correction investigation (MASCS)
Pitch-angle values for EPS pitch-angle summary plots (EPPS)
Footprint products for calibrated data records (CDRs) (XRS)
Spacecraft ephemeris kernel (SPK) based on low-altitude MLA data (SPICE)
Documentation of low-altitude orbit analysis (MLA)

Some MDIS, MLA, and MASCS products have updated calibration or photometric correction and/or other improvements. GRNS, MASCS, and EPPS have new or updated user documentation in the document directories of the archive PDS3 volumes.

All data sets in this MESSENGER release:

The ACT-REACT QuickMap interactive Web interface to MESSENGER data:

Updated MDIS global mosaics: