2018 IAU General Assembly for a Focus Meeting

Join us at the 2018 IAU General Assembly for a Focus Meeting celebrating the centennial of the discovery of asteroid families.  Main topics areas include:

-A Look Back: The History of Asteroid Families (before Yarkovsky)
-Families in the Era of the Yarkovsky Effect
-Families as a Probe of Catastrophic Collisions
-Families beyond the Main Belt
-New Results in Asteroid Family Science
-A Look Forward: Predictions for the Future

Dates: 28-30 August 2018

Title: A Century of Asteroid Families (A Focus Meeting at the 2018 IAU General Assembly)

URL: http://asteroidfamilies.net/IAU2018/

Location: Vienna, Austria

On behalf of the SOC:

Joe Masiero (Chair), Miroslav Broz, Valerio Carruba, Alberto Cellino, Julia de Leon, Patrick Michel, David Nesvorny, Noemi Pinilla-Alonso, Federica Spoto, David Vokrouhlicky, Fumi Yoshida