AGU 2017 Session P025 | Mercury: New Discoveries, Future Opportunities

AGU 2017 Session P025 | Mercury: New Discoveries, Future Opportunities

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a session on Mercury at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA, December 11–15, 2017.

NASA’s MESSENGER mission returned unprecedented measurements of Mercury’s surface, interior, exosphere, and magnetosphere that collectively have revolutionized our understanding of the innermost planet. We solicit contributed papers on data analysis, ground-based observations, laboratory measurements, and theoretical developments that contribute to our understanding of Mercury’s geological evolution, its geophysical and geochemical characteristics, and the interaction of its exosphere and magnetosphere with the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field. We also welcome papers on future mission opportunities, as well as how MESSENGER discoveries can inform questions to be addressed by the upcoming ESA–JAXA BepiColombo mission to Mercury.

Please consider submitting an abstract for this session. For more information,visit:

The submission deadline is Wednesday, August 2, 2017.


Paul Byrne (North Carolina State University)

Johannes Benkhoff (European Space Agency)

Sean Solomon (Columbia University)


We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!