AGU Session 22664: Magnetospheres in the Inner Solar System

We invite submissions to ‘Magnetospheres in the Inner Solar System’, a session to be held at the Fall 2017 AGU Meeting, described below:

The structure and dynamics of each planetary magnetosphere (intrinsic and induced) in the inner solar system are driven by a unique set of factors including the nature of its magnetization, atmosphere-ionosphere coupling, and local solar wind parameters. To provide a
forum for discussion of recent data analysis and modeling efforts concerning the inner planet magnetospheres, this session welcomes submissions on the intrinsic magnetospheres of Mercury and Earth, as well as the induced magnetospheres of Venus and Mars. It will focus on
general magnetospheric processes including, but not limited to: solar wind-magnetosphere interaction, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, plasma acceleration and transport, magnetic reconnection, wave instabilities, magnetotail dynamics, and bow shock physics. We
strongly encourage comparative studies of these inner solar system magnetospheres with each other or with other planetary magnetospheres throughout the solar system. Results from various missions such as MESSENGER, BepiColombo, VEX, MEX, MGS, MAVEN, and more, are actively solicited.

– Gina DiBraccio, Dan Gershman, and Marisa Vogt