AGU Session 23187: Climatic Evolution of Venus and Venus-like Exoplanets

Abstract deadline: August 2, 2017

Although Venus today is hostile and uninhabitable, recent studies have shown that its climate evolution is complex and could permit early habitable conditions. For example, recent 3-D modeling studies have showed that Venus may have been habitable for a large fraction of our
solar system’s history (e.g. Yang et al. 2014, Way et al. 2016). Also, it has been suggested that alternate modes of plate tectonics could aid volatile cycling on timescales congruent with stable climates on Venus-like worlds (e.g. Lenardic et al. 2016). Advances in understanding the climates of Venus-like planets are important not only to understanding the evolution of our nearest planetary neighbor, but also to understanding Venus-like exoplanets, which may represent a cosmically ubiquitous type of world (Kane et al 2014). This session hopes to explore recent advances in understanding the evolution of the Venusian climate to provide a more complete view of Venus and Venus-like exoplanets.


Michael J. Way, Giada Nicole Arney, Adrian Lenardic