AGU Session 24418: Exploring the Surface Properties of the Moon, Asteroids, and other Airless Bodies

The close collaboration between science, technology, and exploration enables a deeper understanding of the Moon and other airless bodies as our manned missions move further out of low-Earth orbit, return to the Moon, visit a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA), and venture towards Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. This session will feature interdisciplinary, exploration-related science focused on all airless bodies targeted as potential human destinations. Areas of study reported here will represent the broad spectrum of lunar, NEA, and Martian moon sciences, encompassing investigations of their surface, interior, and near-space environment, as well as the science uniquely enabled from these bodies. Early career scientists are especially
encouraged to submit abstracts for oral presentations.


Adrienne Dove, Mihaly Horanyi, Brad Bailey, and Yvonne Pendleton