Venera-D Modelling Workshop” and 8th Moscow Solar System Symposium


Dear colleagues,

The “Venera-D Venus modelling workshop” will be held at Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia, 5 – 7 October 2017.

The workshop is focused on the Venera-D mission’ support by current models (e.g. General Circulation Models of atmosphere, or GCMs, models of the surface and interior structure and plasma environment), a landing site selection, and the types of measurements needed to more adequately constrain parameters in the models and experiments. This would in-turn form a basis to better identification of the types and characteristics of the instruments and the elements of Venera-D mission, especially those descending to the atmosphere and to the surface, needed to achieve the important science of Venera-D, as defined by Roscosmos/IKI – NASA Joint Science Definition Team.

Abstract submission for oral and poster presentation has to be sent before the 1st of August. Deadline for the visa application is the 1st of August. The visa for those with NASA affiliation or having NASA grant will be prepared by Moscow NASA office (please indicate it in your registration form on the website.)  You will find all information on the workshop website.

We would also like to see your colleagues and students. If you meet any problem, please contact:


After our workshop the 8th Moscow Solar System Symposium 9-13/10/2017 (8MS3) will be held in IKI.  9th of October there will be Venus session on the atmosphere, and October 10 – the Venus surface session.. You are also invited to participate the 8M-S3 conference. The deadline for abstract is July 15 (after our request).

Further details can be found on web page:

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

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With the best regards. Ludmila Zasova and SOC