AGU Session 22654: Magnetospheres in the Outer Solar System (SM029)

We invite abstract submissions to the “Magnetospheres in the Outer
Solar System” session at the upcoming Fall AGU meeting.

Magnetospheres in the outer solar system have unique characteristics due to factors such as satellite sources of plasma, circumplanetary neutral tori, and rapid planetary rotation. This session invites submissions covering the structure and dynamics of the magnetospheres
of the giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) as well as Ganymede’s magnetosphere. Papers on magnetospheric and auroral processes including magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, plasma transport, tail dynamics, rotational modulations, magnetospheric
boundaries, and the role of the solar wind are consistent with our themes. We particularly encourage submissions that compare the giant planet magnetospheres to one another, or compare them to those of terrestrial planets. The session will be an ideal forum for the
discussion of recent advances in our understanding of all these systems enabled by in-situ and remote observations as well as theoretical and numerical modeling, and relevant to a number of ongoing and future planetary missions to the outer solar system.

Conveners: Xianzhe Jia (Univ. of Michigan), Chris Paranicas (JHU/APL), and George Hospodarsky (Univ. of Iowa)