AGU Session 23322: Detection and Characterization of Habitable Exoplanets: Progress and Future (P010)

Abstract deadline: August 2, 2017

We invite you to submit your abstract to our session to be held at the Fall 2017 AGU Meeting, described below:

This session consists of a discussion on the potential of new and future facilities and modeling efforts designed to detect, image and characterize habitable exoplanets, studying their formation, evolution and also the existence of possible biospheres. Topics to be covered in
this session include signs of exoplanet habitability and global biosignatures that can be sought with upcoming instrumentation; instrument requirements and technologies to detect these markers; strategies for target selection and prioritization; and impacts of planetary system properties, ground-based and space telescope architectures, and impacts of instrument capabilities on the yield of potentially inhabited exoplanets.

Franck Marchis (SETI Institute)
Douglas A. Caldwell (SETI Institute)
Ramses M. Ramirez (Cornell University)