AGU Session 25643: Giant Radial Dike Swarms (V015)

Co-Organized with Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology (VGP) and Planetary Sciences (P) Sections Cross-listed with Planetary Science (P) and Tectonophysics (T)

We wish to bring to your attention the following multi-planetary special session on giant radial dike swarms to be held at the Fall AGU Meeting in New Orleans this coming December.

Session Description: Giant radial dike swarms are known from Earth, Mars and Venus and may form in response to mantle plume driven uplift and fracturing of planetary lithospheres. Giant radial dike swarms manifest an episodic but important mechanism for heat transfer from the deep mantle to planetary surfaces. On Earth, their emplacement may trigger plate reorganization, triple junction formation, ocean basin opening and rapid environmental change. This session seeks theoretical and observational contributions concerning the tectonics, geochemistry, timescales and possible environmental implications of the emplacement of giant radial dike swarms, ranging from understanding melt generation in the source region through to magma-lithosphere interactions.

For session and abstract submission information (deadline August 2nd, 2017), please visit:

Conveners: Michael Storey (Natural History Museum of Denmark), Richard E Ernst (Ernst Geosciences), and Patrick Joseph McGovern Jr (Lunar and Planetary Institute)