AGU Session 25433: Connecting Cryospheres on Earth and Beyond: Geological & Chemical Processes on Icy Surfaces (P008)

We invite members of the planetary science community to consider submitting an abstract to this interdisciplinary session at the

upcoming Fall AGU meeting, “Connecting Cryospheres on Earth and Beyond: Geological & Chemical Processes on Icy Surfaces”.

This session will focus on the physical and chemical processes affecting icy surfaces on the Earth and on other worlds, with a particular focus on the icy satellites of the outer Solar System. What geologic processes take place on the surfaces of icy worlds such as Europa and Enceladus, and what can we learn from appropriate terrestrial analogs? What balance of external (sunlight, radiation) and internal (convection, heating) processes affect and determine the morphology and appearance of icy surfaces? This session will bring together theoretical and laboratory work with remote sensing observations of icy Solar System bodies, and field work at terrestrial analog cryosphere locations. A particular focus will be on understanding surface / subsurface material exchange, and how processes that affect the top surface layer (the “remote sensing layer”) continue into the subsurface.

To view more details regarding the session, and to submit an abstract, please go to:

As a reminder, the abstract submission date is August 2.

Conveners:  Cynthia Phillips, Kevin Hand, and Thomas Painter, JPL

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