AGU Session 24786: Pluto and Charon in the Rear View, MU69 Dead Ahead off the Starboard Bow

We invite submissions across a broad range of topics:

New Horizons’ July 2015 encounter with the Pluto system revolutionized our understanding of dwarf planets and the Kuiper belt. Data return only ended recently, in October 2016. This session invites contributions on Pluto, its moons, atmosphere, and solar wind interaction — and including modeling, supporting laboratory experiments, and theoretical interpretation. As of April 2017, New Horizons is more than halfway from Pluto to its 1 January 2019 rendezvous with KBO 2014 MU69, a more modest Kuiper belt body in comparison, yet one that promises to unlock secrets of the primordial Solar System. Contributions to this session are also sought on MU69, including predictions for the upcoming encounter, and on MU69’s broader Kuiper belt context.

The submission deadline is Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

– William McKinnon, Fran Bagenal, and Kelsi Singer
Co-Organized with: Planetary Sciences, and SPA-Magnetospheric Physics