AGU Session 26453: Future Lunar Exploration Enabled by Recent Mission Data and Science (P015)

A vast science data set has been amassed from recent orbital missions, such as LRO and GRAIL, studying the lunar surface and environment. The Moon has numerous resources readily available that can enable and sustain the exploration of deep space, specifically; volatiles near
the lunar poles, minerals that may be mined, and hydrogen and oxygen that could be extracted. The challenge is to use the available scientific data to evaluate these resources for in-situ resource utilization. We can also exploit the mission data archive and new science results to locate resources, identify nearby landing sites, and plan operations, taking into account surface properties at various scales. We solicit abstracts that use data or science results from recent lunar missions to enable or plan future lunar exploration These results might develop new techniques and tools to locate resources based on multiple data sets or maximize mission science return.

We encourage submission from researchers and explorers from industry, academia and government agencies that are studying future lunar mission to describe how the existing data set is being used in innovated ways for decisions, plans and optimization.