AGU Session 26566: Probing Planetary Interiors Beyond Earth – Evolution Through Time and Space (DI014)

We invite all Earth, Exoplanet and Planetary scientists to submit an abstract (deadline August 2, 2017) to our session at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017 in New Orleans.

The compositional diversity of planets in our Solar System and predicted to exist in exoplanets represents a new frontier in geologic science. The mineralogy, dynamics and structure of these bodies may be wholly different from the Earth and present exciting challenges for observers, experimentalists and modelers alike. In this session we would like to address the effects of planetary composition on planetary evolution. We welcome abstracts exploring the compositional diversity of bodies, planetary accretion, mineral phase-equilibria and
physical properties, interior dynamics, and surface/mantle interactions. We welcome novel observational approaches for determining planetary interior structure and composition as well as efforts to model and/or experimentally explore the consequences of potential
variability of planetary interiors.

Cayman T Unterborn, Arizona State University
Mark P Panning, NASA JPL
Alyssa Rhoden, Arizona State University
Julie Menard, Washington State University