Boundary-related Impact Cratering and Volcanism at GSA Annual Meeting: Abstract Deadline Aug. 1

2017 Annual GSABoundary-related Impact Cratering and Volcanism, topical session, at the GSA Annual Meeting, Seattle, October 22-25, 2017.

August 1 Abstract Deadline Approaching

Emerging work is causing new debate about the role of impact cratering in boundary events, such as the Triassic-Jurassic, Cretaceous-Tertiary, and Paleocene-Eocene, and, simultaneously, the role of volcanism or impact-enhanced volcanism in boundary intervals.   This session is designed to facilitate that debate and complement a Pardee Keynote Symposium devoted to a new IODP-ICDP expedition to the Chicxulub crater.   Conveners Philippe Claeys and David Kring. Sponsored by the LPI and GSA Planetary Geology Division.  Electronic submission of abstracts will open on the GSA website around the first of April.