Reminder: Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop

SSERVI and LEAG, in partnership, are pleased to announce the “Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop,” January 10-12, 2018, at NASA Ames Research Center. This workshop is intended to produce a set of priority targets for near-term landed missions on the Moon, primarily, but not exclusively, from commercial exploration firms interested in pursuing ventures on the Moon. Abstracts are solicited describing target areas on the Moon for near-term in-situ science, network science, and sample return missions. Abstracts should be up to one page in length and are intended to stimulate discussion about specific targets. This workshop will result in a report to be presented to NASA Headquarters as an initial community consensus of priority landed targets, with the potential of future solicitations for science-focused payloads at such target sites.

Further information on this workshop, along with information on logistics, abstract guidelines and submission, and workshop registration, is available at:

Abstracts are due on November 10, 2017.