Mini-Workshop to Apply Recent Models for Asteroid Airbursts to the Tunguska Event

January 16, 2018
NASA Ames Research Center
Sponsored by the NASA Ames Asteroid Threat Assessment Project (ATAP)

The discussion will include numerical models of Tunguska that can be compared with Chelyabinsk. We also are inviting a few other asteroid and meteor experts who are interested in this issue. We anticipate that part of the participation will be virtual, but we hope most of the main contributors can be present in person. The workshop will be publically available on the Internet. We encourage presenters to write up their conclusions, and we have arranged for these papers to be published together in the same issue of Icarus. We will also prepare a summary of the workshop for wide distribution.

Please reply to [email protected] if you are interested in participating in the mini-workshop, either in person or virtually. Suggestions for topics and speakers are also welcome.

Confirmed Speakers and Topics as of November 17:

Michael Aftosmis
Mark Boslough
Peter Brown
Gareth Collins
Chris Johnson
Sarah McMullan
Marian Nemec
Darrell Robertson
Eric Stern
Lorien Wheeler