NAU Astronomy and Planetary Science PhD Student Opportunities

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University seeks outstanding applicants for our PhD program in Astronomy and Planetary Science.

Our research portfolio includes exoplanet science; the formation and evolution of planetary systems; the small bodies in our Solar System; planetary geology of solid bodies in our Solar System; robotic exploration of Mars; laboratory astrophysics studies; and observational planetary astronomy. We enjoy institutional access to major telescopes around the world, and we also work closely with colleagues at the nearby Lowell Observatory and US Geological Survey/Astrogeology Science Center.

We are particularly seeking applicants to work on the following funded research projects:

-telescopic observations of asteroids [Cristina Thomas]
-exoplanet studies and terrestrial exoplanet analogs [Ty Robinson]
-Mars rover/remote sensing/big data for terrestrial and planetary science [Mark Salvatore]
-Hubble Space Telescope observations of the outermost Solar System [David Trilling]
-remote sensing of Mars and the moon [Christopher Edwards]
-the evolution of massive stars [Phil Massey]
-astrophysical ice lab experiments [Jennifer Hanley, Will Grundy, Steve Tegler]

More information is available at

and through contacting individual faculty directly about theirĀ research.

We particularly encourage applications from students with diverse backgrounds.