Scientific Workshop on the Transneptunian Solar System

March 26-29, 2018

There will be an international scientific workshop on the Transneptunian Solar System, scheduled in Coimbra, Portugal, for March 26-29, 2018.

We invite you to register for the meeting and to propose contributed papers for the workshop sessions until January 20, 2018 on the following topics:
– Physical properties of TNOs: Interior, surface, atmosphere
– The large TNOs: Pluto and others
– Satellites – Binaries and multiple systems
– Formation and evolution processes: Origin, planetesimals, multiples, dynamical & collisional evolution, physical processing
– Relationships with other populations: Centaurs, planetary Trojans, comets, Inner Oort Cloud
– Planet IX and related TNOs – Dynamical effects, indicators, properties
– Extra-solar KBO populations: Structure, properties
– Prospects for KBO research

Details on the workshop framework (SOC, LOC, invited speakers, deadlines, venue & travel & hotel information) as well as access for registration, hotel booking and abstract submission can be found at:

The number of workshop participants is limited to 100 persons.