EGU 2018 Session on Extraterrestrial Seismology

Please consider submitting an abstract to the session PS5.3/SM1.03 “Extraterrestrial Seismology – Advances in instrumentation and methodology” to be held at EGU April 8-13,ย 2018, in Vienna, Austria.

The abstract submission deadline is January10,ย 2018, 13:00 CET.

This session discusses advances in seismic instrumentation and seismological methodology aimed at investigating terrestrial planets, icy moons, and small bodies.

We welcome contributions presenting (1) robust and low-power seismic instrumentation adequate for space, including new deployment and sensor concepts: miniaturization, rotational sensors, or sensors for atmospheric recordings of seismic waves; (2) seismological methods
adaptable to cases of limited data availability or harsh conditions on extraterrestrial bodies: dealing with single-station setups, scarce networks, strong background noise, lack of meta-deta etc.; (3) insights obtained from previous and recent missions such as Apollo and Rosetta,
preparations for seismic data processing of the InSight mission to Mars, as well as simulations of seismic experiments on asteroids, comets, icy moons etc.

We especially invite contributions presenting seismological experiments in challenging, i.e. analogue terrestrial environments, e.g. experiments on (floating) ice, in the oceans, or in deserts.

Best regards,
Stefanie Hempel, Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun, Martin Knapmeyer, Savas Ceylan, Simon C. Stahler