LPSC Special Session: Celebrating Cassini

We are pleased to announce a special session at the 2018 LPSC meeting, Celebrating Cassini! The Cassini spacecraft’s thirteen-year mission in the Saturn system, covering nearly half of a Saturn year, has come to an end. LPSC is at a perfect time and is a wonderful venue to celebrate
the remarkable legacy of Cassini with invited and contributed talks and posters covering science from the many disciplines of this mission. This session will highlight the rings, Titan and the icy moons. The session will focus on new results covering the final year of the mission, as well as seasonal changes, and inter-instrument and inter-body comparisons. And, as we now look to the future, papers utilizing Cassini discoveries to contemplate the next steps in the
Saturn system will be welcome. Abstracts are due Jan 9.

Linda Spilker
Amanda Hendrix
Scott Edgington