LPSC Special Session: The Taurus-Littrow Valley 45 Years After Apollo 17

Forty-five years ago, Apolloย 17 explored the Taurus-Littrow Valley. This session will re-explore Taurus-Littrow, from what has been learned from samples, to the analyses of remotely sensed data. Abstracts may include topics such as origin, structure, and stratigraphy of the valley; modern analysis of ALSEP data; pyroclastic deposits and their implications for lunar origin; sources and nature of impact breccia clasts; isotopic dating results and issues; regolith formation processes and history; mare and pre-mare volcanism and cooling histories; thrust faults and their global implications; and avalanche and debris flow origins and dynamics. Both invited and contributed abstracts will be included.

Submission: Abstracts are due January 9, 2018.