EGU General Assembly Session: Planetary Analogs

Dear all,

We are organizing a session on planetary analogs (field, lab and simulations) at the next EGU General Assembly (Vienna, April 8-13 2018). If you are working on a related project, please consider submitting for this session. Abstract deadline is set up for January 10th (13h CET).

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Summary: Terrestrial analogues provide insights into geological and biological processes that may have occurred on other planets. For instance, Mars surface environments can be investigated by exploring both present-day and past terrestrial environments. Conditions representative of other extra-terrestrial environments, such as the subsurface ocean of Europa, can be investigated on Earth or through laboratory simulation and numerical experiments. At planetary analogue sites, geochemical and geomorphologic response to biological activity can be matched with recent in-situ investigations by landers and rovers. Integration of in-situ experiments and remote sensing of Solar System targets provides powerful comparative capabilities to analogue studies. Inputs bridging across Geobiology, Planetary Geology and Exobiology are welcome.

Looking forward to (maybe) seeing you in Vienna,

The conveners,

Jessica Flahaut, Angelo Pio Rossi, Barbara Cavalazzi, Monica Pondrelli, Giuliana Panieri