PDS: Juno Data Release 3

The Planetary Data System announces the third release of data from the Juno mission. The release includes EDR and RDR level data acquired between 2017-02-04 and 2017-05-20, which covers Juno Orbits 5 and 6.

Data sets from the following experiments are now available:


JADE (plasma)

JIRAM (infrared auroral mapper)

MWR (microwave radiometer)


UVS (ultraviolet imaging spectrometer)

Waves (radio and plasma wave science)

FGM, JEDI, and JunoCam data have not changed since the last release.

To access the above data, please visit:


JUNO data are archived at the PDS Atmospheres (ATM), Imaging (IMG), NAIF, and Planetary Plasma Interactions (PPI) Nodes. The data can be accessed from these nodes’ web sites and from the main PDS home page: https://pds.nasa.gov

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