Planetary Sessions and Field Trip at 2018 GSA Southeastern Sectional Meeting

The 2018 Southeastern Sectional meeting of the Geological Society of America includes two planetary-themed sessions, a post-meeting field trip, and many opportunities for students and professionals.  The section meeting will be held April 12th and 13th, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.  The University of Tennessee’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences looks forward to hosting all.

Conference information, including abstract submission, registration, activities, may be found at the conference website:

Themed Sessions:

T14. Geologic Mapping from the Appalachians to the Planets:  we seek abstracts that focus on the variety of techniques, data sets, and findings from terrestrial and planetary geologic mapping.  This themed session bringing together terrestrial and planetary geoscientists offers a unique opportunity to share our diverse knowledge and skills, and an opportunity to create new collaborative efforts.

T15. Planetary Surface Processes:  we welcome abstracts about planetary surfaces and the geomorphologic processes that shape them (e.g., aeolian, fluvial, impact, lacustrine, mass wasting, space weathering, tectonic, volcanic).  Planetary data analyses, laboratory experiments and/or modeling relevant to planetary geomorphology, and investigations into terrestrial analogs are all welcome.

Abstracts are due January 16th, 2018

Post-meeting Field Trip:

Revisiting the Flynn Creek Impact Structure, Jackson County Tennessee. Principal organizer: Steven J. Jaret, Stony Brook University; co-organizer: David T. King, Jr., Auburn University.