Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop Program and Registration

The Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop will take place January 2018 at SSERVI Central, NASA Ames. The program is now set and can be found at:

Registration is required so if attending please register here:

The workshop will feature a series of invited talks highlighting the contributions of recent lunar missions to detailed knowledge of the lunar surface. The workshop will then proceed with a series of contributed presentations highlighting potential lunar landing sites, each describing the individual site’s benefit to science and/or human exploration (e.g., ISRU). Presentations will discuss the merits of a proposed site in terms of its benefit(s), involving one or more of the

a) Short term reconnaissance and/or surface science experiments (less than one lunar day)
b) Sample return
c) Long term monitoring (days, years)
d) Regional roving experiments (ala MSL)
e) Technological demonstrations that feed forward
f) Technological demonstrations for ISRU
g) Other

On behalf of the SOC, we would like to invite you to attend and participate in this opportunity to fashion the next stage of lunar science and exploration.

Greg Schmidt (SSERVI) and Clive R. Neal (LEAG), Co-Chairs