AOGS Session PS-08: Polarization as a Tool for Exploration of Earth, Solar System and Beyond

Asia Oceania Geosciences Conference 2018, June 3 – 8, Honolulu, Hawaii
Abstract submission deadline: January 19, 2018

You are cordially invited to participate in the AOGS-2018 meeting and submit your abstracts to Session PS08 “Polarization as a Tool for Exploration of Earth, Solar System and Beyond.”

Polarimetry is a powerful observing tool and modeling technique, providing information about astronomical objects that cannot be obtained by traditional photometric/spectroscopic observations. Applications range from characterization of solar system objects (Sun, Earth, planetary atmospheres, aurorae, comets, asteroids, planetary satellites/ring systems, dust, etc.) to the detection of exoplanets and identification of biological markers in search of habitability. This session is open to papers about observations of solar system bodies, protoplanetary disks, exoplanets, theoretical or experimental investigations, instrument developments for ground-based facilities or future space missions.

Conveners: Padma A.Yanamandra-Fisher (US), Ludmilla Kolokolova (US), Lucyna Chudczer (Australia), Shashikiran Ganesh (India), Svetlana Berdyugina (Germany).