AOGS Session PS-18: Understanding Icy Worlds, Ocean Worlds, and Habitability

Asia Oceania Geosciences Conference 2018, June 3 – 8, Honolulu, Hawaii
Abstract submission deadline: January 19, 2018
Conference website:

This session will be devoted to understanding icy worlds in the outer solar system, including those containing subsurface oceans, their possible analogues around other stars, and their associated processes and geochemistry that might enable them to support life. The session
will include solicited and contributed presentations addressing observational, laboratory, and theoretical studies relevant to past, ongoing, and future missions.

Relevant subtopics include:
(1) interior structure, composition, and thermal evolution,
(2) surface geology and composition,
(3) orbital dynamics and tidal interactions

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Gael Choblet, University of Nantes
Isamu Matsuyama, Arizona State University
Orkan Umurhan, NASA Ames Research Center

Conveners: Steven D. Vance, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Mathieu Choukroun, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Athena Coustenis, French National Centre for Scientific Research Jun Kimura, Osaka University Frank Sohl, DLR Berlin