AOGS Session PS-19: ROSETTA, Comets, and Other Icy Bodies

Asia Oceania Geosciences Conference 2018, June 3 – 8, Honolulu, Hawaii
Abstract submission deadline: January 19, 2018
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In this session we aim to understand the formation, evolution and diversity of icy bodies large and small and place them into context with the rest of the solar system. These distant, cold worlds are slow in divulging their secrets. Space missions flying past and orbiting the giant planets have revealed a diverse icy satellite system, with some clearly showing activity. The ROSETTA mission revealed many of the secrets of comet 67P/C-G, and more icy active bodies are regularly found inside of Jupiter’s orbit. In recent years, ground-based observations have also made rapid progress in detecting water-related features. It is an exciting time to synthesize what we have learnt so far, highlight key points of agreement and contention, and to provide
recommendations for future studies. We aim to integrate views and data from space missions, thermal and internal modeling, dynamics and observations to formulate a coherent picture of the state of icy bodies in the solar system and what they can tell us about the formation and
evolution our own world.

Conveners: Bin Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Arika Higuchi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan), Ramon Brasser (Earth Life Science Institute, Japan)