COSPAR 2018: Ice Giant Systems

Abstracts due February 9, 2018

Commission B, Event B5.4:  

With the culmination of the unprecedented simultaneous exploration of two gas giant planets by Juno and Cassini, the time has come for the first comprehensive exploration at the next frontier of our Solar System:  the ice giants, Uranus and Neptune. These tantalizing destinations provide extreme atmospheric configurations (one powered by internal heat, the other experiencing the strangest seasons in the Solar System), magnetospheres unlike any other worlds, fine-scale and delicate rings, and a plethora of icy satellites that might be expected to be just as rich as those found orbiting the giant planets. Recent orbital, flyby, and probe mission concepts and ground- and space-based observations have helped to reignite scientific interest in the international community.

We invite presentations discussing new insights and future observational and mission requirements for the Solar System ice giant planets. We welcome presentations on ice giant topics including  observational and theoretical studies of planetary origins and interiors; atmospheric dynamics and meteorology; chemistry and composition; magnetospheres and auroras; and wider ice giant system science (icy satellites and rings). Presentations on future mission concepts for these distant worlds are also encouraged.