COSPAR 2018: Mars Science Results

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the COPSAR – Mars Science Results session (B4.1), due February 9, 2018. COSPAR will be held July 14-22, 2018 in Pasadena, CA. Mars has been extensively studied using spacecraft data, theoretical modeling, laboratory studies, and
comparative planetology over the last several decades. As of this time, there are six operating orbiters (ODY, MEx, MRO, MAVEN, MOM, and TGO) and two operating rovers (Opportunity and Curiosity) exploring Mars’ atmosphere, surface, and subsurface to understand the planet’s
history and habitability. The InSight spacecraft, designed to probe the deep interior of Mars, is planned to land in late 2018. This session will address new science resulting from these missions, as well as studies reliant on theory, modeling, laboratory studies, and comparative planetology. For more information and for complete descriptions and abstract submission instructions see the Assembly web page:

or the printed Call for Papers (August 2017 issue of Space ResearchToday).

Leslie Tamppari, Main Scientific Organizer ([email protected])
Oleg Koralev, Deputy Scientific Organizer ([email protected])