EGU Session: Accretion, Differentiation and Volatiles – Constraints on Terrestrial Planets

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Deadline: January 10, 2018

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Convenors: Helene Bureau, Mohamed Ali Bouhifd, Ramon Brasser, George Helffrich, Vincenzo Stagno

This session aims to provide a multidisciplinary view on the earliest stage of the formation, dynamics and chemistry of the Earth and inner planets, and on the modern volatile cycling in the deep Earth. Session description: The early evolution of the Solar System witnessed the emergence of planetesimals, followed by the assembly of differentiated protoplanets and eventually the coalescence into the embryonic terrestrial planets. Much remains unclear of the nature of this primordial accretion and evolution. More especially, about the significant role played by volatile elements (H, C, N, S, halogens) that are significant ingredients necessary for the habitability of planets. The storage and cycling of volatiles in Earth and other planetary bodies depend on the structure and stability of volatile-bearing minerals and fluid/melts at high pressure and temperature either at mantle or core conditions. The origin and behaviour of volatiles during Earth’s accretion and its differentiation is determinant but still not well constrained.