Job Opportunities: HQ Planetary Program Scientists – Science Mission Directorate

NASA Science Mission Directorate positions for Program Scientists in the Planetary Science Division are now open. The Planetary Science Division (PSD) is encouraging the community to join the division in supporting the Nation’s scientific exploration of our Solar System. The PSD is responsible for disciplines that studies geology and geophysics, cosmochemistry, planetary astronomy and atmospheres, Mars exploration, astrobiology, planetary instrument technology development, and planetary data investigations.

Program scientists are expected to perform a range of planning duties in the Planetary Missions and Research and Analysis (R&A) Programs. Duties may include: Developing, reviewing, and providing recommendations for proposed program requirements, expected results, and budgetary estimates; Initiating and monitoring research contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements; Providing expert advice to management on strategic planning and program development. Program Scientists will represent scientific disciplines to NASA senior management and serve as advocates for the communities’ scientific interest.

These positions are being filled at the GS/14-15 level (salary range $112,021 – $161,900).

Applications will be accepted only through February 2 at:

For current Federal employees: NASA Announcement Number HQ18C0015

For US citizens and US nationals: NASA Announcement Number HQ18D0004