COSPAR 2018: Observations of Planetary Objects with Non-Planetary Spacecraft

July 14-22, 2018
Pasadena, California

Missions not primarily designed for planetary observations are nevertheless valuable sources of observational data on major, dwarf, and minor planets, as well as comets. Example missions are the NASA/ESA SOHO and NASA STEREO solar and heliospheric missions, that have returned observations of numerous comets, the NASA Kepler exoplanet mission which has observed planets and various small bodies, and ESA’s Gaia mapping mission. In this session, we address such observations carried out by past and current missions as well as projects that are in development and proposed. Contributions are invited to provide an overview of results from such observations, and those planned for the future. Contributions that provide insights into the securing of serendipitous planetary observations to help advise future efforts are particularly encouraged.

Abstracts for contributed presentations at Session B0.3 are due on February 9, 2018, and must be submitted on the COSPAR website-full details for abstract submission, as well as the detailed description of the content of the session are available at

Organizers – Geraint Jones (MSSL, University College London, UK) & Matthew Knight (University of Maryland, USA)