COSPAR 2018: Small Body Hazard

July 14-22,ย 2018
Pasadena, California

We invite you to submit an abstract to session COSPAR-18-S.3, due February 9, 2018. Planetary defense against small body impacts is an active field of research, which involves ground-based observational activities, numerical modeling of deflection techniques, experiments to
validate models in the laboratory, and space mission projects and associated technology developments. The asteroid impact hazard is the only natural hazard that can be predicted and prevented with feasible means. The small body hazard is inherently an international issue. The
AIDA mission project, a joint collaboration between ESA and NASA, is the first demonstration and test of asteroid deflection using a kinetic impactor and an orbiter spacecraft. This work has triggered important activities related to planetary defense. Work currently focused on the
definition and coordination of technology needs and requirements for planetary defence, modelling and simulations of impact outcomes including benchmarking of available tools, definition of remote sensing observations, characterization payloads and close-proximity operations. This special event will discuss the various elements and their current state. For more information and for complete descriptions and abstract submission instructions see the Assembly web page:

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