Upcoming Short Courses and Field Schools

The Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (http://cpsx.uwo.ca) is pleased to announce three upcoming short courses and field schools:

1. Cosmochemistry РOrigin and formation of the Solar System and planets

When: February 20-25, 2018 in class, and April 4, 2018 for presentations (in class or remote)
Where: University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada
Instructor: Dr. Audrey Bouvier ([email protected])

Course webpage: http://cpsx.uwo.ca/training/graduate_student/courses/cosmochemistry_glps_9510.html

2. Planetary Surface Processes Field School

When: May 6-17, 2018
Where: Arizona and Utah, USA
Instructor: Dr. Gordon Osinski ([email protected])

Course webpage: http://cpsx.uwo.ca/training/graduate_student/courses/planetary_surface_processes_field_school_planetsc_9605l.html

3. Remote Sensing and Image Analysis for Earth and Planetary Science

When: June 25-30, 2018
Where: University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada
Instructors: Dr. Catherine Neish ([email protected]) and Dr. Livio¬†Tornabene ([email protected])

Course webpage: http://cpsx.uwo.ca/training/graduate_student/courses/remote_sensing_short_course.html

These courses are open to students and professionals alike. For details, please see the webpage for each course and for questions contact the course instructor. For general questions about our programs at CPSX, please send an e-mail to [email protected].