Planetary Sessions at the May GSA Cordilleran-Rocky Mountain Joint Meeting

May 15-17, 2018
Flagstaff, AZ

We invite contributions to the following planetary sessions:

T21. Recent Advances in Planetary Geoscience. How the volume and diversity of recent data sets have significantly advanced our understanding of the geologic character and evolution of bodies in the Solar System.

T22. Earth as a Stepping Stone for Planetary Exploration. Terrestrial research in the field and in the laboratory is necessary for advancing planetary exploration.

T23. Integrating Composition and Morphology: Keys to Constraining Planetary Surface Processes from Spacecraft Data. Compositional interpretations critically augment geomorphological and/or sedimentological studies to yield a refined understanding of geologic
context and surface processes.

T24. Understanding Basin Environments and Evolution Beyond Earth. Though topographic and structural basins exist beyond Earth, lack of direct access makes deciphering exposed units a challenge.

There also will be a full-day post-conference field trip on May 18 to planetary analog sites in northern Arizona (The Holey Tour).

Abstract deadline is February 20, 2018. More information can be obtained at the meeting website: