Annual Meeting of the DDA: April15-19 in San Jose, CA

The Division on Dynamical Astronomy of the AAS will be April 15-19 in San Jose, CA.

We will feature special sessions entitled: (1) The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: How Do Simulators Compare Their Data to Observations and How Can They Do It Better?, (2) 1I/`Oumuamua: the
First Interstellar Asteroid, and (3) Pebble in the Sky: Meteoroids and their Orbits. A special public lecture will be given by Cristobal Petrovich as well as prize talks by our inaugural Vera Rubin Prize winner Dan Fabrycky and our Dirk Brouwer Award winner Ortwin Gerhard.
Contributed talks are solicited in all aspects of Dynamical Astronomy. Abstract submission is due by March 2 and early registration ends March 16. The meeting website is: