International Venus Conference Abstracts and Registration

Abstract submission and registration for the International Venus Conference to be held in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan September 11-14, 2018 is now open. A small fund for travel support primarily intended for, but not limited to, Early Career attendees is available. Please visit this website for any updated registration and abstract submission information:

Following the successful series of Venus conferences (La Thuile, Aussois, Sicily, and Oxford), the Akatsuki team and community in Japan are planning to host a Venus conference in 2018. The dates will be┬áSeptember 11-14, 2018 and the location will be a beautiful resort in Hokkaido (it will not be skiing season though). The conference is supported by the Fujihara Foundation of Science, so it is entitled “The 74th Fujihara Seminar.”

The conference is intended to cover all areas of Venus science with special focus on new results obtained from Japan’s Venus Climate Orbiter “Akatsuki.” Results from previous missions, from ground-based observations, numerical computations, and theoretical works are all welcome.

More info at Conference website: