PDS – Rosetta Data Release by the Small Bodies Node

Small Bodies Node of the NASA Planetary Data System is pleased to announce a new release of the following Rosetta data:

MIRO: Prelanding calibrated data
MIDAS: Prelanding, Escort 1-4 and Extension 1-3 calibrated data
VIRTIS: Extension 2 calibrated data
OSIRIS: Escort 4 and Extension 1 up to MTP28 raw and calibrated data
RPC_LAP: Prelanding, Escort 1-4, and Extension 1-3 raw data
RSI: Escort 2 and 3 data

MUPUS: Post-Hibernation, Rebound and First Science Sequence raw and calibrated data
SD2: the data from Commissioning to First Science Sequence

The data as well as mission and instrument information, are available at: http://pdssbn.astro.umd.edu/