Technologies and Infrastructures Workshop for Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061

Dear Colleagues:

This is the third announcement of the Technologies and Infrastructures Workshop for Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061, which will take place on April 23-25, 2018, in the SwissTech Convention center on the campus of EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

We have received more than 50 abstract submission (Talks/Posters),  if you are late you can still submit (or edit your submissions) at: (Alternatively, as some people had apparently some difficulties, you can submit your abstract (Including title and list of co-authors) to [email protected]) by March 16, 2018 which is the hard DL when the SOC meets and decide on the program of the meeting.

The program of the meeting will be circulated shortly after.

We plan to start the meeting on April 23 at 9h in the morning and finish on April 25 at 14h.

You can already register to this event by connecting directly to:

Note that there are 2 hotels on the campus: Swiss Tech Hotel and Starling Hotel which will be very convenient to minimise your deplacement.

All information can be found at:

In particular, a consolidated list of the keynotes is:

  • Dave Beaty (JPL, USA): Sample return and curation
  • Michel Blanc (IRAP+ISSI): Planetary vision, a European view
  • Pierre Bousquet (CNES, France)  Use of small satellites and detached elements for planetary science applications
  • Fabienne Casoli (CNES, France)
  • Steve Chien (JPL, USA): Autonomy and on board processing
  • Rachel Cross (Aberystwyth, UK): Hyperspectral cameras for planetary exploration
  • David Ehrenreich (U. Geneva, CH): Current and future of exoplanets
  • Sabrina Feldman (JPL, USA): New Sensors and science instruments
  • Antonella Ferri (Thales Alenia Space): Current and future sample return missions
  • Enrico Flamini (ASI, Italy): ASI Vision of Planetary Exploration and technological challenges
  • Bernard Foing (ESA): Towards Sustainable MoonMars Villages: Infrastructures and Enabling Technologies
  • Tony Freeman (JPL, USA): Disruptive technologies
  • Masaki Fujimoto (ISAS/JAXA, Japan): Japanese Vision of Planetary Exploration and technological challenges
  • Manuel Grande (Aberystwyth, UK): Technology foresight for Planetary Exploration
  • Linli Guo (CAST, China): The Key Technologies for Lunar Base
  • Brook Lakew (Goddard, USA) Planetary Science’s Vision 2050: Technology Challenges
  • Joseph Lazio (JPL, USA): Communication and radio science
  • Stephen Mackwell (USRA): Lessons learned from Planetary Science Vision 2050: Science Questions and Implementation Strategy
  • Louise Prockter (LPI, Houston, USA): Long-term needs of planetary exploration in terms of enabling technologies and support infrastructures
  • Heike Rauer (DLR, Germany): Space technology developments for planetary exploration
  • Keith Stephenson (ESTEC, ESA): Future of Power in Space
  • Yao YU (CAST, China) CAST development of small satellites for planetary applications

Looking forward to prepare the future of Planetary Exploration with your participation.

… and do not hesitate to forward this announcement to people who may be interested.

Michel Blanc, Manuel Grande, Jean-Paul Kneib & Anton Ivanov (on behalf of the SOC and LOC)