International Symposium on Lunar & Planetary Science 2018

With the collaboration of nationwide and international colleagues, Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory (LPSL) of Macau University of Science and Technology is rapidly becoming a regional center for planetary science research. One key role of LPSL is to serve as a platform to facilitate interaction between national and international planetary scientists. With the expected launches of Chang’E 3 and 4 to the Moon this year, Chinese First Mission to Mars in 3 years, and the rapid development of the Chinese Asteroid Mission plan, it is very timely to hold a meeting for the international planetary science research community to discuss and exchange ideas about what science could be done and how scientific problems could be addressed with these missions. With this purpose, LPSL is organizing the 3rd International Symposium on Lunar and Planetary Science (ISLPS held every 2 years, last time was in Wuhan) this year in Macau. The dates are June 11-14.