Goldschmidt Conference Session Announcement

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01e: The Chemistry, Observations, and Modelling of Planetary Assembly by Stephen Mojzsis, Ramon Brasser, Mihkel Kama and Amy Bonsor

Mysteries that surround the physical-chemical nature of the inner regions of planetary systems are slowly being unravelled. This progress is being driven by clues from meteorites, dynamical simulations, and observations of extrasolar systems. Such insights from home and abroad are refining our models of planet formation which incorporate dust, planetesimal, and planet growth; mixing and migration; and astro- and cosmochemistry. This session firstly aims to review recent advances; secondly to increase mutual understanding between the geochemical,
solar system, planet formation, and exoplanet communities; and thirdly to form a complete perspective on the formation of (in particular, silicate-metal) planets. Suggested topics cover the composition and chemistry; structure; and chronology of planet-forming material and planets. We seek input from all areas of planetary geochemistry, astro-and cosmochemistry, and astronomical observations and modelling, to further our understanding of planet formation in the solar system and beyond.

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Deadline: March 31, 2018