European Planetary Science Congress 2018: Matter Under Planetary Interior Conditions

Dear Colleague,

we would like to invite you to attend session EXO4/TP14/OPS9/MD6

Matter Under Planetary Interior Conditions

held during the European Planetary Science Congress 2018, 16–21 September 2018, Technical University Berlin, Germany. Please consult the web-site for detailed information on the conference and meeting venue.

The session aims at understanding deep interiors and atmospheres of solar system bodies and massive extra-solar planets, their associated internal processes and corresponding material behavior at extreme pressures and temperatures. These will have important implications for structural models (e.g. location of layer boundaries), evolution scenarios (e.g. de-mixing phenomena, diffusion), and magnetic field generation (e.g. nonmetal-metal transitions). The session will include solicited and contributed papers addressing observational, laboratory, and theoretical studies of matter under planetary interior conditions.

Included subtopics are:

(1) Ab initio simulations and laboratory studies for matter under extreme conditions

(2) Interior structure, composition, and evolution

(3) Equation of state, melting, and phase transformation at extreme states

The session will be co-organized together with the program groups Exoplanets and Origins (EXO), Terrestrial Planets (TP), Outer Planet Systems (OPS), and Modeling and Database (MD) to facilitate exchange of new ideas and discussion. For more information please visit the web-site

Important dates:

*   16 May 2018, 13:00 CEST: Abstract submission deadline
  *   29 May 2018: Letter of acceptance.
*   26 June 2018: Letter of schedule, Upload of conference program on web-site.

Please feel free to forward this message to interested colleagues or groups.

We look forward to your abstract submission and hope to see you in Berlin

Best regards,
F. Sohl, M. French, Z. Konopkova, S. Padovan (conveners)