European Planetary Science Congress 2018: Session MD3/TP13

Session MD3/TP13 :
Multi-disciplinary approaches to investigate the interior structure and evolution of terrestrial bodies and icy satellites (co-organized)

Convener: S. Padovan
Co-conveners: A. Rozel, K. Soderlund, B. Schmidt, N. Tosi, T. Ruedas, L. Noack

Constraints derived from geodetic (e.g., gravitational field, obliquity, rotation rate, libration amplitudes), geochemical (e.g., surface composition, formation models), geological (e.g., surface age, stratigraphy, and morphology), seismological, and magnetic observations are routinely used to investigate various aspects of terrestrial bodies, dwarf planets, and icy satellites. How can all this information be combined to provide a global picture of the interior structure and history of a planet? Given that different observables are available for different planets, how is the investigation carried out for different bodies?

This session welcomes contributions, from any field of the planetary sciences, focused on approaches to investigate the global properties of terrestrial planets and icy satellites using numerical modeling, experiments, and available or expected data from current or forthcoming planetary missions.

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Abstract submission deadline: 16 May 2018, 13:00 CEST.

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Sebastiano, Antoine, Krista, Britney, Nicola, Thomas, Lena (conveners)