Job Opportunity: Project Research Fellow in RISE/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

1. Project research fellow is a full-time position (38 h 45 min working hours/week) employed under the scheme of the annual salary system of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS).

2. The fellow is expected to spend up to 50 % of his/her time on jobs requested by the project he/she belongs to. For details, see 5.

3. (1) The term starts as soon as possible after the employment decision. (2) The term is for three years, subject to annual review. If the applicant has been a project research fellow of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) before, then the term will be shortened to less than three years so that his/her total period of employment at NAOJ does not exceed five years.

4. Office location: 2-12 Hoshigaoka-cho, Mizusawa, Oshu, Iwate, or 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.

5. (1) To participate in the operation of the HAYABUSA2-LIDAR (laser altimeter) as a LIDAR team member, initial analysis of the LIDAR data, and science research using them. (2) To conduct research about the origin, evolution, or internal structure of the small bodies in the Solar System.

6. The applicant must have a PhD degree in planetary science, astronomy, or related fields no later than the start of the term.

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