The First Billion Years: Bombardment


The First Billion Years: Bombardment conference will be held September 30–October 3, 2018 at the High Country Conference Center, 201 W Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, Arizona.

This topical conference on Bombardment, the third in The First Billion Years series, is designed to investigate the range of collisional events from the late stages of terrestrial planet accretion to the end of the basin-forming epoch on the Moon. Although the Moon may be a central component of the conference due to its exquisitely preserved record, the discussion will necessarily include observations elsewhere, such as on the Hadean Earth, Mercury, Mars, the asteroid belt, outer solar system moons, and planetary systems elsewhere. Because the bombardment may have affected the origin and early evolution of life, discussion will also draw on astrobiological findings.

Indication of interest is due May 31, and the call for abstracts and registration will be posted on the conference website June 1. READ MORE »