Fall AGU Special Session P011. Comparative Planetology and the Solar System as a Gateway to the Exoplanets

Session Description:
Comparative planetology is the study of planetary processes, their manifestations, and their effects on multiple bodies. The discipline often uses Earth as a baseline to understand the evolutionary pathways, similarities, and differences between the planets orbiting our Sun, but nearly every planet within our own solar system provides a unique point study or baseline for different classes of exoplanets around other stars.

The study of the rocky worlds of our inner solar system, the Jovian giants, the ice giants, and the ice-world dwarfs and moons of the outer system each give us context, and improve our understanding of the distant condensed signals we receive from the different methods of exoplanet detection.

This special session will explore what the study of our own, more accessible planets can bring to the observations, analysis, and modeling of planets around other stars.

Session Conveners: Noam Izenberg and Kathy Mandt, Applied Physics Laboratory
Abstract Deadline – August 1, 2018,ย 11:59 PM EDT