Fall AGU Special Session – P060 Venus: The Origin and Fate of Earthlike Planets? Big Questions of the World Next Door

Session Description:
Venus records the origin and fate of habitable planets in our solar system and beyond, but fundamental questions remain about Earth’s Sister Planet from the rate of current volcanism, to the dominant form of tectonics, to the nature of atmospheric processes. Evidence suggests early Venus sustained liquid surface water, but its past and possibly present habitability are open questions. Recent Venus missions focusing on atmospheric processes have revealed a trove of information about Venusian atmosphere circulation and cloud dynamics, but questions about the deep atmosphere, surface, and interior and their interactions over time  — remain unanswered.

This session focuses on the current state of knowledge of Venus atmosphere including escape, circulation, clouds, habitability, deep atmosphere and chemistry; surface processes including volcanism and tectonics; and interior processes. Abstracts are encouraged to explore questions in need of new data, and the nature of those data.

Conveners Noam Izenberg, Applied Physics Laboratory  and Adriana Ocampo, NASA Headquarters

Abstract Deadline – August 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT