EP031: Planets as Experiments: Surface Processes in Extraterrestrial Environments (Cross-listed and Co-organized with Planetary Sciences)

Session description: Quantitative models for surface processes have been derived for Earth systems. When applied to other planetary bodies, these Earth-based models can provide critical insights into the geologic history of the Solar System. In return, planetary surfaces across the Solar System offer a unique opportunity to test these models under conditions often unachievable on Earth. We invite a range of contributions in the field of planetary surface processes with an emphasis on fluid and granular flows (fluvial, eolian, glacial, mass wasting, coastal, etc.) and that use planetary analogs, laboratory experiments, theoretical and numerical modeling, and planetary-exploration data from orbiters, landers, and rovers. This session’s goal is to explore the interplay between quantitative models for planetary surface processes and new planetary exploration data that often challenge these models. We intend this session to foster more collaboration between members of the PS and EPSP sections.

Session conveners: Mathieu Lapotre (Harvard), Marisa Palucis (Dartmouth), Alex Morgan (Smithsonian), and Ryan Ewing (Texas A&M).

Abstract Deadline – August 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT